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Compasstionate Holistic Psychotherapist and Sacred Healer. 24 Years experience helping my patients to be the best they can be through my various techniques and expertise. Range of expertise... depression, panic attacks/anxiety. addiction/recovery, marital therapy, relocation challenges, parenting and empowering individual ability to manifest

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Abuse / Emotional Addiction / Alcohol Addiction / Drug Abuse / Physical Addiction / Cannabis Addiction / Love and romance Addiction / Other substance Addiction / Smoking Anger / Aggression Anxiety / Acute stress Anger / Anger management Depression / Dysthymia Depression / Suicidal thoughts Eating / Anorexia Family / Conflict Family / Blended famil Grief / Bereavement Women' issues Personal / Feeling lost Personal / Boundary setting Eating / Binge and over eating Personal / Goal setting Personal / Self esteem Personal / Childhood related Relationships / Attachment issues Personal / Life coaching Relationships / Marriage problems Relationships / Cross cultural Personal / Life transition Personal / Nervous breakdown Relationships / Codependency Personal / Confidence Breakups, divorce and separation

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