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Bableen Vij holds a degree in MA Psychology. She has pursued CBT and GESTALT therapy (accredited courses), and parenting traumatized children courses. She is a trauma- infromed professional in treatment of C-PTSD and inter-generational trauma. She is currently pursuing a course in trauma and inflammation. She has 2 years of experience with young adults . Her integrative approach to therapy helps her clients develop and manage healthy coping strategies.

04:30 AM - 03:30 PM
1 Hour Video Consultation
Trauma / Post traumatic stress disorder Abuse / Emotional Anger / Anger management Anger / Passive aggressive behaviour Anxiety / Acute stress Anxiety / Generalised School/academic performance Family / Conflict Personal / Bitterness Personal / Boundary setting Personal / Confidence Personal / Feeling lost Personal / Goal setting Personal / Lack of focus Personal / Childhood related Personal / Guilt Personal / Motivation Personal / Self esteem Relationships / Attachment issues Breakups, divorce and separation Work / Career progress Work / Workplace bullying Work / Workplace stress
English Hindi Panjabi, Punjabi
  • Masters in Psychology - Counselling




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