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Swaha Mitra Basu
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I am a Psychological Counsellor and an Expressive Art Therapist. I am certified Career Counsellor and a Life Coach. I have completed MS in Counselling and Psychotherapy after my MSW and PGDPC .I work across all age groups except disability I believe everyone is unique so therapy should be personalized and focused. My work involves supporting individuals and groups experiencing emotional difficulties by helping them to identify and work their issues.

03:30 AM - 07:30 AM
1 Hour Video Consultation
Health / Dementia Addiction / Love and romance Addiction / Internet Addiction / Social media Anger / Aggression Anger / Passive aggressive behaviour Anxiety / Agoraphobia Anxiety / Acute stress Anxiety / Death Anxiety / Health Anxiety / Panic attacks Anxiety / Separation Anxiety / Performance Anxiety / Social anxiety disorder Anxiety / Social phobia Anxiety / Specific phobia Anxiety / Stress management Depression / Dysthymia Depression / Major Depression / Seasonal affective Depression / Self harm Depression / Suicidal thoughts Developmental disorders / Adhd School/academic performance Family / Conflict Anger / Anger management
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