How does it work?

Simply sign up on our platform or look for the condition you consider you suffer from or have been previously diagnosed with by scrolling on our search bar. That will prompt you to all the available therapists that match your criteria. You can now narrow your search to fit your needs by language, review ratings and others. Select your preferred therapist and book a consultation according to the available calendar displayed on the therapist’s profile. That calendar matches your time zone, so you don’t have to worry about missing an appointment.
Pay securely for your consultation. Be ready to meet your counsellor or therapist on the date of the appointment by video call. That simple!

What is the cost I expect to pay? Are there any hidden fees?

The cost per consultation depends on each therapist and varies depending on location, current country’s average therapist’s rates and their level of experience or qualifications. There are no hidden fees and the price displayed on the therapist’s portal is the price you will be charged upon completion of the counselling session.
Example: If the consultation says $50 per hour, that is what you will be charged if the consultation extends to 1 hr. All prices are set in US Dollars.

Do I need regular consultations or just one off?

Consultations will depend on what YOU consider necessary and what your chosen therapist will suggest after the initial consultation.
You can change therapists at any time for any reason or stop the service without notice by any reason without penalties.

I have basic computer skills; Can this be an issue?

No, you do not need to be a computer guru. All you need to do is to follow the prompts and complete as required, providing personal details in order to be able to confirm who you are and how we can help, and the platform will do the rest.
You do not need a camera either if you do not have one, you can still be connected with audio only if necessary, or in the event you prefer to be anonymous during your consultation.
You will not need to sign up on external sources of audio or video communication either (Zoom, Skype, etc), making it super simple, more affordable, and convenient for clients and therapists alike.

I signed up, when can I get started?

After you signed up and selected a therapist, you will have access to his/her calendar with available dates. Once you book your preferred date, that is when you will be starting your consultation.

Can I receive a refund if I decided to cancel my consultation?

If you decided to cancel your appointment 48 hours prior to your consultation, you can apply for a full refund. If you decide once that period has expired, you will not be entitled to a refund.
You can also get a full refund if your therapist decides to cancel your appointment for any reason. We will give you the option of rebooking with another practitioner or a full refund. The choice is yours.

How do I know at what time my therapist will be available?

You will see every therapist’s available time in your time zone and depending where you are. Example: If you are in Australia and the therapist is in Pakistan for instance, and he has appointments at 10:00 am Pakistan time, you will have that appointment displayed on your dashboard as 3:00 Pm Australia time (5 hours difference), meaning that whatever you see on your screen It is what your selected therapist has effectively available for the patients, avoiding mistakes or appointment overlapping.

How do I communicate with my therapist?

You will be connected by audio and video directly from our platform without the need to know anything else about media systems besides clicking a bar saying connect video. Once connected, you will have access to video if preferred, text chat, exchange of files between you and the therapist during consultation and others. You can share previous recommendations from other therapists and sessions, as well as being able to receive recommendations from the current therapist.
All information exchanged between you and the therapist is encrypted and most messages will be deleted automatically after the session has ended, keeping the highest level of privacy.
The information related to your consultation and recommendations provided by the therapist, will be kept in his records, so he can have information available for following consultations.
The same will happen at your end. All information sent to the therapist, will be deleted at his end to protect your privacy and accessible once you authorize it, and for the length of the consultation only.

There are therapists from different countries, are they all qualified?

For our therapists to join our platform and being able to provide services, they are subject to a screening process to verify their credentials with the entity qualified to certify their qualifications in their specific countries.
We strictly require that verification process to be confirmed before allowing any therapist to use our platform, guaranteeing the quality of the service and the duty of care required by our clients.

What currency do you apply to your consultations?

For ease of use, we work with US Dollars as the most common currency available. Once you pay with Stripe, Credit Card or others, your payment facility will decide the currency exchange according to the current currency rate, at the day you book your consultation. We do not control currency rates or perform currency exchange, making it totally transparent and simple for clients and patients.

Can I access it anywhere in the world? I do not speak good English (or any of other 60 languages available), how do I use the service?

Our platform has at the bottom of it around 60 languages to choose from, allowing you to change to whatever language you feel more comfortable with.
By selecting your preferred language, the entire platform will change to that language, making your experience super simple. Then, you can also choose the practitioner that suits your language according to his/her background.

Can I select any gender to be my therapist?

Within our platform you will find different options regarding our therapists’ approach to their services. Some might be male, female or others with different sexual or gender orientation to suit your preference.
Browse and find what suits your needs best with total freedom and at your convenience.

How do I know my therapist is the right person for what I need?

While you browse our platform, you will find different types of therapists with different skills, qualifications, reviews, experience, and rates. Use those to choose what best suits your needs. At Psychologists Online we strive to provide a safe, efficient and affordable way of connecting people without the tedious need of having to complete long assessment pages, and we do our best to make sure all credentials are checked before allowing any service provider to be part of our community, so rest assure that if they are working with us, they are qualified and ready to help you as you deserve.

What happens if I do not access the platform for a few months or even years, but I want to use the services again?

Your sign in details will be kept on file to allow you accessing the service anytime, anywhere. All information you previously saved on your file will be available to be presented by you, to your new therapist as you see fit, avoiding the waste of time that would represent having to explain your case over, and over again to multiple therapists at different periods.

I have personal issues that I am afraid to disclose to people other than my chosen therapist. How secure is your platform?

All information exchanged between practitioner and patient is kept within that realm. We do not have access to texts, messages or record conversations exchanged between patients and therapists, and all information exchanged is automatically encrypted, to prevent security breaches or loss of sensitive information, protecting your privacy and wellbeing.

At Psychologists Online we strive to provide the ultimate therapy experience so if you have any questions we might have overlooked, please do not hesitate to contact us that your feedback is much appreciated.

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